Did you know that your need for Zinc increases 1/4 when you are pregnant? But just what is Zinc and how do you get more of it into your diet?? It’s really quite easy.

Zinc is a mineral found in numerous vegetable and animal sources such as oysters (make sure they are cooked if you are expecting), shellfish, beans, cereals, whole grains, fish, dairy products, nuts and poultry. Zinc is better absorbed via animal sources than vegetable ones, but there are many ways to ensure you are getting your daily dose without eating meat.

Just what does Zinc do for you? All kinds of things! For Mom is it aids in digestion, metabolism, respiration and wound healing. Making this an essential nutrient for pregnant women – especially those hoping to deliver via C-section. For baby, it plays a role in the formation and development of organs, skeleton and internal systems such as nerves and circulation. For those couples looking to get pregnant, Zinc is considered an essential part of successful reproduction by helping to keep sperm and eggs healthy.

So much going on for one little nutrient!


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