Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Here is just a quick list of tips to ensure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible!

  1. Take your vitamins – pre natal and anything your doctor recommends
  2. Eat healthily – you can really impact the way you feel just by watching what you put into your body
  3. Gain weight sensibly – by eating right. Health Canada (as of July 2010) recommends only 2-3 extra servings from the Food Guide to ensure weight gain. That could mean as little as an apple with 2 TBSP of peanut butter
  4. Break the caffeine addiction – the less caffeine in your diet the better
  5. Up your water in take – hydration helps with body function and digestion
  6. Make sure your vaccinations are up to date – now is not the time to get sick
  7. Exercise moderately – staying active will ensure that you and your baby to be are in the best shape possible
  8. Keep up with self breast exams – this is a time when your hormones are changing all the time, and that can lead to growths that your doctor should be aware of
  9. Be an active participant in your care – research and find out about what’s happening to you and how your body is changing. If something doesn’t feel right talk to your doctor as often as you feel you need to. If you feel you need a second opinion in addition to your doctor – that is your right and the best way to ensure you have proper care. You know your body the best – mother’s intuition kicks in early

Do you have any tips for a healthy pregnancy?? Share them in the comments section below.


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