Veggie Sushi

There is a lot of talk about what you should and should not eat when you are pregnant. And a big no no on the list is raw fish. Thus sushi may seem out of the question. But there are many different kinds of veggies that work well in sushi and it’s very simple to make on your own! The big plus, when you are at home you can control the sodium levels, the ingredients and use brown rice for added whole grains.

Nori – seaweed paper
Sushi Rice – a sticky rice that is usually white. Use brown if you like but make sure it is ‘sticky’ so that it will hold the rolls together
Rice vinegar
Vegetables cut into thin strips such as carrots, celery, zucchini, avocado, red peppers or anything your family likes that will add a bit of flavour and crunch

Cook rice according to package directions, adding 2 TBSP of vinegar when it is finished.

On a piece of wax paper lay out a piece of nori and cover it lightly with rice.

Add a layer of vegetables in any combination you like, then roll sushi into a tight spiral. Pack it tightly and the rice should help it to stick.

Slice the roll in to several pieces of sushi. Serve with optional soy sauce, wasabi paste or pickled ginger.


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