All Purpose Risotto

 Risotto is something that many think is hard, but really it can be a quick and simple meal in a pot!  This recipe does call for a splash of white wine, the alcohol in which cooks off with the heat of the pan. If you have any reservations about using wine in your cooking while pregnant feel free  to skip it – though it does add a depth of flavour to the dish.

This recipe is adaptable and just the blue print to any kind of risotto you would like to make!

Olive  oil
Onion – finely chopped
1 clove of garlic
Veg of your choice – I’ve used mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, zucchini  the list goes on!
Arborio rice – about 3/4 cup per person
White wine
4 cups stock – your choice veggie, chicken or you can even use water. Warm it up so it is warmer than room temperature but not boiling
Parmesan Cheese (I’ve used other kinds of cheese before too and it works out well)

In a large pan heat a splash of olive oil and cook onions and garlic for 3-4 minutes until they soften. Add veg of your choice and cook 2-3 minutes longer.

Add rice – coat it well with the oil in the pan and allow it to toast a bit. This will bring out the flavour of the rice itself. This should take 3-5 minutes. Then give it a good douse of wine. About 1/4 to 1/2 a cup will do. Let that absorb into the rice.

Here is where the free forming begins. The next step is to add the warm liquid 1 ladle full at a time. Let it absorb into the rice then add another. Continue until the rice is soft. It will depend on the amount of rice you are cooking. Make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of your pan. If it is, you either need to stir it more, or turn down the heat. Either way you will need to stir it regularly, but not continuously.

Once your rice is soft it is time to mix in the cheese and a knob of butter. Just add to taste, it give it a bit more creaminess.



2 Comments to “All Purpose Risotto”

  1. FYI – alcohol does not fully cook off during relatively short cooking (ie, risotto). Use teh powerz of google to confirm.

    • Risotto is usually cooked for at least 20 minutes and in that time MOST of the alcohol is cooked off. And since you are usuing such a small amount of wine in the first place – there is basically none in the dish.

      But like I said, if you would rather omit wine all together feel free to do so! Personally I don’t see any harm in cooking with a little of it once in a while during pregnancy.

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