Slow Cooker Chicken Broth

The other day I found a recipe for chicken broth in a cookbook first published in 1901 called The Settlement Kitchen Cookbook. It used to belong to my Grandmother and I like having it around as a reference to pure cooking where everything was made from scratch. This indeed is a great throwback recipe that I have modernized with the use of a slow cooker and some altered cooking times.

1lb of uncooked chicken backs – you could also use a chicken caucus that has had most of the meat removed from it.
1 TBSP sea salt
2 celery stalks chopped into 2 inch pieces
2 carrots chopped into 2 inch pieces
1 small onion, quartered

In your largest slow cooker add meat and salt and put on high for 3.5 hours until raw meat is cooked through and floating. Add vegetables and cook 1.5 hours longer. Allow to cool and remove any fat that floats on the top. Use in your favorite soup or anything else that needs broth!

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